70 Feet, The Only 30 Person, USCG Certified Small Luxury Yacht in NYC for Charter.

The Pangaea is New York Citys ONLY US Coast Guard Certified Yacht, and is why she is capable of taking as little as one or two passeners, all the way up to 30 passengers, legally and SAFELY! Any other NYC Yacht that takes more than 4-6 people are putting yours and your friends safety at risk! Beware! But, The Pangaea provides a uniqiue party experience in NYC. For your small group of Friends, Family or Clients, this Yacht offers up an uparalleled party experience and luxurious settings for all! A vessel needs to be USCG Certified to take passengers compensation or money, meaning you cannot just legally rent a yacht without it being USCG Certified, as all of our vessels including the Pangaea. What makes the Pangaea one of a kind is that she happens to be the ONLY USCG Certified Yacht in NYC for charter. It is also the owners personal yacht which he uses frequently, but given its status this vessel can be yours to rent from 2 to 30 passengers. Why just 2? How about taking her out for your own proposal on the New York Harbor? Romantic huh? Popping the question under the stars in front of the Statue of Liberty is priceless. And affordable..